The wonderful Filippa has been my Pilates Instructor for the past 3 years. I have been to quite a few different pilates studios and been instructed by a variety of instructors and quite honestly can say that Filippa is by far the best.
Filippa takes a scientific approach (her background) to problem solving compromised body issues of which I have had many.
Her creative, tenacious and intelligent approach to “fixing my body” is outstanding.
— Barbara Jaffe - Head of Primary Art, May 2019

I have been involved with Pilates for many years and enjoyed my sessions. Diagnosed with Osteopenia, I am aware of strengthening exercises and their benefits. My posture of round shoulders and stooping with the forward position of my head was extremely noticeable in photos not just the mirror. I put this down to age, computer work and comfortable bad habits in posture.
I transferred my evening class to an earlier time and this is where I met Filippa “The One”. My first class with Filippa was educational, my concerns were addressed and discussed and over time all has been reversed and yes as the Summer 2019 newsletter states: “Where I Stand, I Stand Tall”.
Filippa’s thinking is to determine the “Functional” cause of problems and provides medial exercises with guidance adding descriptive analysis of viewing what your body is doing while exercising, feeling the muscles work, and seeing and feeling the benefits.
I have recommended Filippa to many of our clients, friends and family. My husband has just started with Filippa while still attending another Pilates studio. He has already noticed after just three sessions a difference between exercise and function.
I have confidence in recommending Filippa to anyone that may be thinking of taking up Pilates whether for strength training, posture correction, rehabilitation after surgery or just bad habits that have been collected to alleviate pain.

Thank you Filippa
— Gayle Bowman, March 2019

The song “ Bad Habits” could be a description of my way of moving about in my PF (pre-Filippa) era, especially as I was not even on nodding terms with propioception. With Filippa as my Pilates specialist from my late 50’s to early 70’s my movement and general health is much improved. I remain a work in progress but with Filippa’s expert guidance progress there is. Filippa’s ability to adapt long term plans to deal with any particular problems on the day is especially impressive. For this senior she offers rehab with dignity and keeps me fit for cycling and table tennis and life in general.
— John Carmichael, January 2019

Filippa has been my pilates teacher for four years & she made me feel at ease from my very first class.
With Filippa’s constant support & enthusiasm (not to mention her patience & great sense of humour) my posture & flexibility have improved markedly.
She combines her extensive knowledge of how the body & mind works with individually tailored exercises that, in my case, help identify ‘bad habits’ accumulated over the years & work to correct them. Over time my overall strength has increased & everything I learn in class has had a positive effect on my general well-being. Another huge benefit is I no longer need any physio or remedial massages.
I’m very glad I found Filippa & she’s one of the main reasons I enjoy pilates so much.
— Jane Gilbert, December 2018

I had only done group Pilates classes at gym before starting sessions with Filippa and so assumed that it would be similar. It was totally different!
Apart from strengthening your core and maintaining a good fitness level, the essential difference is that you get to understand where your specific postural and functional difficulties are, how and where to address them (and why you should!) and how, over time and commitment, you really begin to appreciate the long term benefits of this sort of individualised attention to your body. Thanks Filippa for your care and attention, and for guiding me on my wellness journey.
— Mirella Zandegu, November 2018

Hi Filippa
On behalf of all of us at The City of Stonnington a huge thank you again for the extremely informative presentation this week. Feedback from our seniors that attended “Table Talk” was very positive. The information was clearly presented, up to date and relevant. You certainly keep everyone’s attention throughout the morning.
If the opportunity arises, we would like to invite you back in the next few months as a guest speaker at one of our senior citizens centre (same topic - Fall Prevention).
— Sergio Deodato, September 2018

Filippa thank you for you patience, your constant encouragement and for teaching me so much about my body and movement.
I now feel so much better placed to prevent injury and to understand and correct recurrence of old injury inducing patterns that I occasionally fall back into.
I have so enjoyed my individual hour weekly classes with you over the last 3years. As I’m not keen on gym, they, walking daily and my home practice have been the cornerstone of my fantastic recovery from hip surgery. I can now do the long beach and bushwalking which I love, without pain.
I will miss you greatly and wish you well in the opening of your own studio Functional Pilates.
— Livia Jackson, August 2018

Filippa’s science background, warmth, creativity & passion for results is a winning combination in the Pilates studio.  She applies great skill and care with all her teaching.  I could not more highly recommend Filippa as a consummate Pilates professional. 
— Daina Field, Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy, APMA. July 2018

Filippa has a unique perspective that allows her to achieve results that the vast majority of physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths cannot match. With Filippa’s help I was able to completely resolve chronic plantar fasciitis with a few basic leg exercises over a few months. Minimal maintenance has been required and there has been no recurrence. After trying Chinese orthopaedics, physiotherapy, chiropractic and Feldenkrais, we are also overcoming a chronically painful shoulder - even the initial step of loosening three muscle groups identified by Filippa greatly diminishes the pain. Additionally, we are resolving my aching feet - other basic leg strengthening exercises eliminate the pain. Filippa also helps me to improve my biomechanics for ballroom dancing and we have just greatly increased the range of my leg movement - this range was previously impossible. Filippa is a kind, patient, and fun teacher and I highly recommend her.
— Madeleine Drew, July 2018

I began pilates to regain muscle tone after a bad back episode, also to improve my posture and general fitness and flexibility. I’ve been in Filippa’s class for nearly eight years, and am delighted with my progress in all these areas. Filippa thinks scientifically about cause, effect and mechanism in the physical body, as well as the mental influence. She is very good at making up ways to illustrate the mechanism of a particular exercise so I can picture it, then apply it as I work it through. I am a scientist myself, and really appreciate this method of visual application. She works in other ways with other students, being very adaptable.
— Nicola Williams, July 2018

For the last ten years, I’ve had the good fortune and privilege to be under the guidance of brilliant Pilates instructor Filippa Minnelli. Her understanding of the physical body and her compassion for the emotional well-being of every client make for an extraordinary combination in the studio. Without fail, she provides a safe space for her clients to express their concerns, whatever they may be.  Filippa is universally loved and appreciated for her patience and encouragement. I can’t imagine my week without her expert eye and welcoming smile. After all this time, I still look forward to every class.    
— Marcia Jacobs, July 2018

I’ve suffered from bursitis and Gluteal tendonitis for many years. I’ve been working with Filippa doing Functional Pilates for the past 5 weeks and have already noticed a great relief of pain in these areas.
— Wendy Goad, May 2018