Your movement patterns at any given time are unique to you. However, they are constantly changing throughout your life. Repetitive movements such as holding a child on a hip, or sitting for long hours at a desk can result in changes to movement behaviour. Injury and various pathologies can also alter movement patterns. These become problematic if they creates imbalance or lack of body control.

Identifying these patterns are fundamental. It is only when we have awareness, knowledge and exceptional instruction can we begin to redirect the body back to optimal movement which inevitably improves health.

Functional Pilates excels at providing each critical component necessary to retrain movement coupled with exceptional care.

From your very first visit we review your current movement patterns and joint/muscular/myofascial restriction. We discuss what movements signal pain. We also discuss relevant pathologies, injuries, assess posture, balance and gait, always considering what is specific and important for your functional movement.

Where appropriate we work with your team of health professionals. With your permission we draw from what is known about your current condition(s) and estabilish a personalised approach to care. Every session is considered and constant evaluation is drawn to progress and challenge you further.

"Here at Functional Pilates we assess movement patterns and through a series of exercises and on-going education, steer the body back to optimal function.”